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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taking the Next Step

Five months ago if you asked me about Twitter my answer would have been, Yeah I heard about it but it really isn’t for me. I probably would have answered the same thing if you asked me about started a blog and blogging.
That all changed four months ago when I began following educators on Twitter and a whole new world was opened to me and I was learning from educators all over the world. I learned about developing a PLN and I started following many of the people that were associated with Connected Principals. The next step on my journey was to share my ideas on Twitter. An amazing thing happened people were actually interested in what I had to say and that gave me the motivation to start blogging, which again surprised me that people actually valued what an Orthodox Rabbi in Memphis TN had top say about education. Before I knew it I was following over 1,500 people and had over 700 people are following me. One of the things that I preach and practice to both my students and my teachers is that one always needs to be learning and growing.
I asked myself what is the next step? I have always valued the members of Connected Principals and I wanted to know how I could be a member so that I could have more of an impact and help others the same way many of the Connected Principals helped me. Today through a series of Direct Messages and emails with George I took the next step and joined the Connected Principals. My other goal is to form a PLN of Judaic Studies teachers to help bridge 21st Century Skills with Judaic Studies.

The steps that I have taken haven’t been major ones nor have they radically uprooted the status quo. They have been small, measurable and achievable. Perhaps the simple small steps that I have taken over the last four months can serve as encouragement for all of us as we embark on ways to improve and meet the needs of our students.

I encourage you to join me on my journey to grow as a teacher, administrator, leader, and most importantly a person and in doing so help our students reach and maximize their potential.


  1. I love the idea of extending what you are learning to the Judaic studies community. If there are to be any real changes in education it will be because people like you are willing to share and mentor. If I have learned anything through my 15 years of teaching, it is that we have to have buy-in for anything to be successful. Your in a unique position to help a specific group of teachers buy-in to thinking about teaching and learning. How great is that?

  2. Thank you for your kind words. The possibilities are great and being able to share what I have learned in order bridge the gap with the Judaic Studies community is exciting. At the same time it is teaching me patience because the journey is one that will take time.
    Thank you for your encouragement