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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looking Forward; The Need to Grow

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As I have mentioned in my previous two blog posts I am moving forward and as the saying goes keeping focused with my eye on the prize.

A necessity of moving forward  is the ability to grow. I recently finished the book "Great Leaders Grow" by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller.
They use the following acronym for Growth:

G- Gain Knowledge 

R- Reach out to Others 

O- Open your world 

W- Walk towards Wisdom 

I would like to add my own understanding to these terms, which I believe are so important if we are to achieve our own personal growth and to help us allow our students to grow.

G- Gain Knowledge: We all have to be life long learners and instill that love and passion in our students. As it says in Ethics of our Fathers; "Who is truly wise one who call learn from all".

R-Reach out to Others: If you ask people what is the one skill, our students will need to compete in our global economy on the top of the list is the ability to collaborate and work with others.

O-Open your World: As we learn and grow, we need to make what we teach  relevant and real. Learning is no longer limited to, our classrooms, but rather the world is now our classroom.

W- Walk towards Wisdom: I think this is a given. We always need to be looking to know more, learn more and gain from wisdom of others. As the saying goes, we got to where we are today by standing on the shoulders of those that came before us.

As we continue on our journey, let us remember the importance of Growth and what it means to GROW

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not Losing Focus

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have been in a rut and honestly, I think I lost some of my focus and motivation. I just finished reading "Causes and Cures in the Classroom" by Margaret Searle.

The book ends with the following; "The dream most of us went into teaching with was to make a significant difference for our students. The way to do that has nothing to do with quick fixes or canned programs. It has to do with teachers who genuinely care and are always looking for better ways to help students help themselves." 

This really spoke to me both about education and about life. Too often we get caught up with what is the latest trend or am I using the most cutting edge tools and technology available. While that is important and we need to be current we can't lose focus on what really counts and why we are educators.
At the end of the day the bottom line as Margaret and others have said is that we need to show students that we care about and as my friend Angela Maiers says we need to show them that they MATTER

I would say that  "Not Losing Focus" is one of those things that is easier said than done and perhaps as I outlined in yesterday's post "Moving Forward" we need to create a checklist.
These ideas are noting new and many of them, I have gleaned from all of you.

  • Making SMART goals
  • Showing our students and others that We care and that "You Matter"
  • Applaud the Effort 
  • Don't label, but rather guide and support
  • Do something positive every day 
  • Take time for yourself 
The list can go on. Please add your own thoughts 


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving Forward

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It has been a while since I posted something on my blog. The last few months have been difficult for me and my family and I didn't have the drive and honestly desire to blog. I got into a rut and was (truthful still am) feeling a bit sorry for myself. I have looked on websites, sent out tweets, made proposal submitted resumes and I still find myself without a job.
Perhaps finally writing about it will give me the energy to move forward and start looking towards the future. I know G-D has a plan and that I didn't devote my life to education (maninly Jewish Education) to stop now.
I have created a short check list to help me and maybe others move forward during this difficult time. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well.

Short Term

  • Do something productive/ constructive daily
  • Share thoughts and ideas, at least 3 times week via blog, twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Keep up on the latest ideas in Education by reading blogs, books and tweets each day
  • Continue looking for a  job and promoting my own consulting business and website at
A bit harder 
Stay positive and focus on the future not the past

Long term goal 
Come with an idea and start writing a book of my own

There is no silver bullet and I know this is all easier said than done, but I am hoping as we enter 2014 I too can now look forward to a brighter and better future. 

I would like to thank my family and friends, which includes my PLN for their  constant support and help 

Here's to a brighter and better future