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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looking Forward; The Need to Grow

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As I have mentioned in my previous two blog posts I am moving forward and as the saying goes keeping focused with my eye on the prize.

A necessity of moving forward  is the ability to grow. I recently finished the book "Great Leaders Grow" by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller.
They use the following acronym for Growth:

G- Gain Knowledge 

R- Reach out to Others 

O- Open your world 

W- Walk towards Wisdom 

I would like to add my own understanding to these terms, which I believe are so important if we are to achieve our own personal growth and to help us allow our students to grow.

G- Gain Knowledge: We all have to be life long learners and instill that love and passion in our students. As it says in Ethics of our Fathers; "Who is truly wise one who call learn from all".

R-Reach out to Others: If you ask people what is the one skill, our students will need to compete in our global economy on the top of the list is the ability to collaborate and work with others.

O-Open your World: As we learn and grow, we need to make what we teach  relevant and real. Learning is no longer limited to, our classrooms, but rather the world is now our classroom.

W- Walk towards Wisdom: I think this is a given. We always need to be looking to know more, learn more and gain from wisdom of others. As the saying goes, we got to where we are today by standing on the shoulders of those that came before us.

As we continue on our journey, let us remember the importance of Growth and what it means to GROW

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