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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Empowering Words

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Yesterday @amadacdykes blogged about “Empowering” and asked what is your empowering word. This got me thinking. What would I answer .Well my first step was to get a definition for the word empowering.
I found two:

1. Give authority to someone

2. To give somebody a greater sense of confidence or self esteem

Based on these two definitions it is clear to me that we as educators must be able to answer @amadacdykes question with regard to our students.

I am not sure if I have one but here are a few that come to mind based on these definitions

Lifelong learning
Choices- Control over his/her learning
Self- Confidence

These are my “Empowering” words when it comes to my students

Thank you to @amadacdykes for the inspiration for this post.

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