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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MY ME MANIFESTO #30 Goal Challenge

Not sure if this fits the exact goal but I thought I would share it anyway. 

How many of us have read something know something to be true but either don't see enough evidence of it or at times feel like we are going the wrong way on a one way street. 

Well I have had the experience. I have read about how we need to move to a more student centered approach, with a focus on active learning and I believe it. I also believe that technology is an important tool but just that a tool.  This theme is one that have read about and blogged about myself. However it is a lot of theory and sometimes I felt like I was either preaching to the already converted or to those that just don't get it. Then I saw it action and had one of those great moments. 
By the way if  in fact if I do write a book one day the title will be "What the Books Don't Teach You". Reading and learning are great but there is nothing like when it actual happens and you experience  it in person. 

Here is my story:

Note: This is a copy of the email I shared with the faculty 

Truth be told I really didn't do anything but I just wanted to share one of those moments when it all comes together.

I am now teaching about copyright laws and intellectual property in my digital citizenship class. Rabbi Perl forwarded me a curriculum that I am using.

Today's lesson stated with the following scenario. A class wrote a play and they found out that their script was used to make a film. That film was entered in a film contest and won a cash prize.
The class wanted to know if any laws were broken and if they had any rights to the money.

so we started brainstorming some questions that the class would have.

Whose idea was it?
How did people get it?
Who got it? – was there an email or proof
What changes if any were made?
What if you were included/credited

We discussed each one and then we got to the one about Were any changes made. 
One student started talking about the similarities between the movie Pocahontas and Avatar. Then students starting looking it up online. Someone found a website that pointed out the similarities. Someone else found how there were certain suits brought when there were too many "coincidence's"  in the scripts and story line

A simple brainstorming about a made up  case led to some real life and actual case discussions. 

Next Step research some of these law suits etc. 

It was just one of those moments when learning happens. 


  1. Thank you so much for contributing to the challenge! And there are no rules so all counts. I liked your example and your beliefs and you know how much of an incredible leader you are.

  2. Shelly,
    Once again I am honored and humbled and by your words.
    I have learned so much from you and you have been an inspiration for me. Thank you for always pushing and inspiring me to be better.