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Sunday, March 25, 2012


This week’s weekly Torah Portion had as one of its themes the idea of humility. Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi of Baron Hirsch Congregation, mentioned that we see from certain Rabbinic sources that even Moses who was known to be the most humble person “got into trouble” for being too humble.

I think the message is clear that leaders need to be humble but at the same time they need to balance that with the need to take action and lead.

This message really spoke to me this week.

This past week I accepted the position as Principal of Ohr Chadash Academy in Baltimore for the 2012-2013 school year.

While I was truly humbled by the words written in the article as well as by a letter written by Rabbi Perl, my current Head of School, to the parent body here in Memphis, I need to remember this balance.

As I get ready to embark on this new leadership role I need to understand the need for humility in order to build and gain trust at first. At the same time there are areas where I will need to step up and take action to lead by example.

I am comforted in the fact that Moses the greatest leader and the most humble person struggled with this balance as well.

I am excited and looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that this new position has and I pray for the wisdom needed to help me grow as a leader and to help Ohr Chadash grow into a school of excellence. 

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  1. Mazel Tov!

    Ohr Chadash is so lucky, and I am so happy for you.