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Monday, November 10, 2014



Over the last few months I have tried to get back into blogging and started a 30 day blog challenge which was great for me personally but also was a way for me to connect with some amazing educators. To be honest for a number of reasons I have slacked off a bit as of late. I have also made an effort to promote and put time into my consulting business Star Educational Consulting. I have also put out 5 bi-weekly newsletters and I am working on a Star Educational Magazine as well.

I was talking to a good friend last night who told me that I need more of a focus to my publications and at the same time i also need to get motivated to blog and write more. Her advise was spot on.

So I am creating a new challenge for myself. Over the next month I will take 4 topics and write 5 blog posts about each topic. These posts will also be incorporated into my upcoming newsletters.

The topics I have chosen are:

Differentiated Instruction

Creativity and Innovation

Education Technology/ Blended Learning

Educational Leadership

If anyone wants to join me on this challenge and collaborate on ideas, posts, and future topics I would open to such collaboration.

I would also  be willing to have people as guest authors most their thoughts on my blog.

So if you are interested please reach out as I think through connecting and collaborating we all grow and  become better.

Here's to my next challenge. Stay tuned!


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