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Friday, July 3, 2015

Full Court Press; Giving It Your All

I haven't blogged in a while and I need to refocus my efforts to blogging more. However the last few weeks have been busy.
I have new focus / outlook wing regarding to my consulting business ( and I recently joined the Joel Paul Group as a Senior Consultant.
Here is the announcement email I sent out.

       I am pleased to inform you that I recently joined the Joel Paul Group, as a Senior Consultant.  
The Joel Paul Group is an executive search & consulting firm that deals exclusively, with not for profit organizations and educational institutions nationwide. We have successfully aided many institutions in identifying exceptionally talented senior professionals and top administrators.

My goal is to help further the role we play in communal life and in educating the future leaders of tomorrow.

Please feel free to email or call me if I can be of help to you, your institution, or organization.
All the Best 

Akevy Greenblatt, Senior Consultant  | The Joel Paul Group |255 West 36th Street, Suite 502, New York, NY 10018 I Office 212.564.6500 Ext 213  | Fax 212.868.2671 | 

So whats the new outlook. Not really all that new but rather a new focus thanks to an executive coach.

That is until you give it 100% and make personal connections and actual meet and speak with people you haven't Given IT YOUR ALL!

It has given me a renewed energy and feeling as well as a number of possibly opportunities for bigger and better things to come.

Then I saw the following tweet:

Kim Garst ‏@kimgarst 23m

You have 3 choices...give up, give in OR give it ALL YOU GOT! What's it going to be?

I think we all go through those first two stages sometimes, and that is human nature especially when you have been put down and are feeling low but the key is to make sure you get to choice three and you GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! If you don't get there you will never know how successful you may have been. 

This new focus has taught me a few things :
  • Never say Never until you have given it your all 
  • People and making connections matter 
  • Most people are good and want to hep 
  • At the end of the day it's who you are and not what you are that matters.YOU MATTER as my friend Angela Maiers  has taught 
Today as leaders, teachers, parents, you name it your skills, your character, and how you deal with people and relate to people will always be important no matter your role and what your position is.


Looking forward to meeting and making personal connections with you



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