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Thursday, October 29, 2015



Well, for those of you that have been following my blog you will notice that the blog has a new name. You probably also noticed that I haven't  blogged in a very long time. I recently connected with someone who joined my 30 Day Blog Challenge on Facebook and got the inspiration to start blogging again. 

So what with the new name?  Well, after 20 years in Education I am transitioning to the field of Executive Search Recruiting. Recruiting is really at its core  is being a matchmaker. Connecting People and helping them reach and maximize their professional potential. Well, isn't that we as Parents and Educators ( and former educators)  want for  their children and students.  I have written before about the importance of making connections and the value that people have, how important our family, friends, and network are to us. This idea that networking and making personal connections is crucial is probably more  important to me now than ever before.  

Even with a new name  for my blog, and  a new career, I am still the same old me. The same values and ideas that I have written about are still true today and some may even be more important. 

So what does it mean to network and be connected? 

There are a number of ways:

You can follow me on twitter at  and LinkedIn 

I also have been tweeting and posting on behalf of the Joel Paul Group so follow us on 
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I am looking forward to Connecting with All of You ! 


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