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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Symphony


I want to thank Rabbi Schacthowiz of the Agudah Israel of Greenspring for his inspiring words today and for the inspiration for this post.

This week began the series of four special Torah readings related to the month of Adar, the holiday of Purim, the month of Nissan and the holiday of Passover.

Today's reading discussed the Half go Shekel given by everyone ( over the age of 20 ) to the Temple.

The following is based on the sermon Rabbi Schactowitz gave today:

What is the cause of strife and argument? On some level is has
hat they are better than everyone else and at times those are poor and less fortunate often look at themselves as worthless and don't care. 
If this at some level is the cause what is the remedy? The Torah tells us that when it came to the Temple and place that G-D presence rested and the place that unified the entire Jewish people as one every one both poor and rich gave the same amount of a half a Shekel. The Rabbis used this as a lesson that in creating a unified Jewish nation everyone had a role and an equal role and everyone had unique talents to bring and offer.  It can be compared to an orchestra playing a symphony. Which instrument or section is more important? Can you have a symphony with only winds? Rather all the parts are important and make symphony what it is.

As I was listening to this I said what a great message for educators and especially as we are in the middle of #NAIM #JDAM15

This type of "strife" occurs in classrooms all the time. I often remember hearing kids say well I cant do it, or we are stupid kids, or why am I put in this group with all the dumb kids.

Rather the message we need to convey is that a classroom is a Symphony and all the parts have something to add and each person has unique talents  that he or she brings to the class creating this Symphony.

This is truly one of the ideas and beauties of an inclusive classroom, that everyone can add and that everyone has a talent and gift that makes the class complete.

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