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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Creativity Circle

I usually don't like to use this blog to promote my own business and personal agenda. However I think this is important. As many of you know my focus has been both in many of my articles and in starting my consulting business, on meeting student needs and making sure all of our students in our classrooms succeed. There are many benefits to having an inclusive classroom and studies have shown how all students benefit from such an environment.

I  have also written about that to create this environment we need to look at other skills beyond just academics. We need to look at the social and emotional side and incorporate those life skills like Critical thinking, collaboration, questioning, and creativity to name a few.

There has also been a lot of talk about STEM and now the need to move to STEAM and incorporate the Arts into our school culture.
Let me be clear when I say Art as its used in STEAM I am not talking about an art class or music class  but rather incorporating art, music and drama into our core curriculum. Allowing that artistic, creative and innovative side of all students to shine.

These thoughts combined with the fact that its North American Inclusion brought me to the following initiative and dream and that is the creation of:



Creating an Inclusive Classroom and Meeting the Needs of All Learners Through Creativity, Innovation and The Arts 

Through creativity we can reach more of the learners more of the time. Creative thinking can be integrated into any content area - Sparking Student Creativity - P Drapeau

Creativity Circle is a project of 

If you or our school is interested in being part of this project please email me at 

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