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Monday, April 27, 2015

Motivation and Inspiration Require Teachers


Today almost every article on education some how talks about or is related to educational technology. I do am I supporter and believer in the benefits that technology can provide to enhance learning.  However let me be clear technology will no and should not replace the teacher.

Teachers are what and who matter. Teachers are the ones that create that personal connection and instill the love of learning in our students.  If technology is the number one topic then the 1A topic is creativity and innovation and here there is no doubt that those important skills can not be instilled and taught via technology but rather need that teacher interaction.

I was flipping through my Fipboard ( sorry for the pun ) and I saw an article written two years ago.

"Tech Isn’t Everything – Teachers Are! "

The words and sentiment expressed two years ago are even more important today!

The author expresses the point beautifully and I encourage you to read the whole article here are some highlights from the post:

"Teachers have always been and are always going to be the driving force in education. 
Teachers are on the front-lines with their sleeves rolled up, working closely with their students. 
Teachers have the power to motivate, inspire and instill a love of learning onto their students. 
In the school community, teachers have a direct influence on the children. No one else has more power to engage students in order to ignite learning.
Tech can assist in this, but it CANNOT do it alone. Teachers are the driving force behind these technological advances. They are the ones activating the apps, depressing the keys on their laptops and logging in.
And as the technology revolution in education expands and grows, we must never forget this!" 


  1. I agree that no technology can replace a teacher. I do see technology as an amplifier for teaching. Because it amplifies the teaching we need to assure it is good teaching.

    1. Thanks Penny
      Totally agree look at the pic from my previous post lol

  2. Here's an important thing, you'll never became a lazybones if you let someone cope with your papers.