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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half Down and Half To Go


Yesterday, someone posted on Facebook that we are at the  half way point of 2014. Half of the year is behind us and yet we still have half a year to go. What are we going to do with the second half of 2014. Are we going to stay the course or maybe this is a good opportunity to change course. For me, I need to change course. My time frame dates back almost exactly to last year when in August of 2013 I resigned from my last position as Head of School. The last year so far  has been a journey with many ups and downs and while I try to stay positive the reality has been less than positive as evident from my lack of blogging over the last six months.
Below is a post I wrote in January of 2014  and now I would like to revisit it at this mid way point of the year .

It has been a while since I posted something on my blog. The last few months have been difficult for me and my family and I didn't have the drive and honestly desire to blog. I got into a rut and was (truthful still am) feeling a bit sorry for myself. I have looked on websites, sent out tweets, made proposal submitted resumes and I still find myself without a job.
Perhaps finally writing about it will give me the energy to move forward and start looking towards the future. I know G-D has a plan and that I didn't devote my life to education (mainly Jewish Education) to stop now.
I have created a short check list to help me and maybe others move forward during this difficult time. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well.

Short Term

Do something productive/ constructive daily
Share thoughts and ideas, at least 3 times week via blog, twitter, Facebook etc.
Keep up on the latest ideas in Education by reading blogs, books and tweets each day
Continue looking for a  job and promoting my own consulting business and website at
A bit harder 
Stay positive and focus on the future not the past

Long term goal 
Come with an idea and start writing a book of my own

There is no silver bullet and I know this is all easier said than done, but I am hoping as we enter 2014 I too can now look forward to a brighter and better future. 

I would like to thank my family and friends, which includes my PLN for their  constant support and help 

Here's to a brighter and better future 

Many of the feelings expressed are still true and present. I ask myself if  I didn't accomplish  my short term goals in January and things are still the same what is going to help me accomplish the now?

I don't have an easy answer and would ask my friends to comment help.
Here what I do know though 

  • I am more committed to helping other educators and sharing my ideas. 
  • I am committed to think out of the box with innovative and creative ideas
  • I am committed to changing my outlook and I will find a job

To be a good educator, leader,family member and friend you need to make connections and develop relationships. For me that means onlinee and virtual connections which I hope to one day make personal and face to face.  
So if I message you on one of the many social media outlets out there I am not trying to be a pest or a nudge just trying to develop and enhance our connection.I promise to be more positive in our conversations as well. 

I look forward to connecting with all of you 


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