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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Yesterday I wrote about the importance of motivation. Here is an old post I wrote for a Posterous Blog I had (yes, that's how old it is) in 2011

Each week I usually give my students something about the weekly Torah (Bible) portion to read at the Sabbath Table. Today I decided to have them come up with something on their own. I teach fifth grade and I gave them the topic of Abraham's Ten Tests to write about. I told them it was for  them written by them and I made it clear it would not be graded. Everyone in the class was working and writing some amazing ideas. I walked around the room watching and helping as needed. One student, was writing about how the tests got harder, another one wrote why G-D tested Abraham, and so on. The entire class was motivated and engaged. In Judaic Studies sometimes that is a feat in itself that wasn't even the most amazing part. After giving them the allotted time I announced it was time for recess. About half the class sat in their seats  and asked me if they can first finish this (ungraded) assignment. 
I couldn't believe it!
 They made my day. 

How great it is to be a teacher and motivate students to learn and instill in them a love of learning 

This is why Teaching and the education professions in the greatest profession on earth 


  1. Teaching is, by far, the most incredible journey I have undertaken, and most especially as a learner. I love to work with students... and find them as motivating in my learning as I do colleagues & peers.

    Motivation is huge... I suspect I will blog about it at some point during this #30dayblogchallenge. I am already wondering about sustaining my motivation... what will keep me going?

    From what I can tell?

    We can only motivate ourselves:)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. When kids ask to skip recess, I know I need to keep doing more of what I'm doing. To date, not one kid has said "Awwww. Shucks. Recess? Can we finish reading more of this textbook instead?" Eye opening :)