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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Unplugged to Recharge (7/30)

If you ask any one even a small child will tell you than to charge your device you need to be plugged in.  Perhaps after blogging for almost a week straight I have lost it

I don't think so and let me explain. 

I have been very open about my beliefs and religious  convictions and as a Orthodox Jew I am a Sabbath observer. Each week from Friday right before sunset until Saturday night an hour after sunset is my sabbath. The sabbath is filled with a number of religious aspects like going to synagogue, having a festive meal, and making certain blessings. There are also things we cant do. I want to focus on a few of those. We don't use phones, computers or drive in cars. Lights must stay on for the whole 25 hours we cannot turn on and off lights either. So no cell phones, texting, emails etc. I am completely "UNPLUGGED". Now on the surface  it looks like a lot  of restriction and they are but behind the surface I think they reveal a certain beauty. 
It allows one to connect to what truly is important in their lives. ( Just as a side not many of my friends are online) Focus on the true meaning of friends and family. You are able to step back take walks and appreciate nature. Read a paper book and relax as well. 

By unplugging and taking a step back from the day to day grind in which we are often controlled by our devices  we are in fact able to recharge. 

I know many administrators have done a "NO OFFICE DAY" perhaps this year people should try an "UNPLUGGED DAY" 


  1. Thank you for sharing... I completely agree that we need time to recharge, and more & more, the only way to get there is by unplugging. I have written a few posts over the years & am still working away @ finding the balance. Good for you that you can make sure this time happens!

  2. I often encourage my students to find time to play and connect without technology. I need to remember to give myself my own advice. In those moments, I tend to be more reflective, more spiritual, and more calm. Why not seize those opportunities and use them to strengthen relationships in my life? Wonderful reminder!

  3. Thank you both for your comments
    Recharging and taking care of ourselves is so important
    Thanks again