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Sunday, October 19, 2014


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The weekend was the end of the Jewish holiday season. It culminated with the holiday known as Simchat Torah. On this holiday we sing and dance with the Torah Scrolls as we celebrate finishing the cycle of reading all five books of the Torah. However immediately after completing the final verse the very next thing we do is read the opening verses in Genesis about the creation of the world. There is never and end to the learning and depth of Torah study and therefore right when we "finish" we start again to show that there really is never and end and we can always learn more.

It is one of the beautiful things to me about the Torah and Torah study is that the same verses that we teach to a second and third grade and understood at that level can be read and understood by people at any age each and their own level. 

What at an amazing message to educators, leaders and lifelong learners. Ones learning never ends and the thirst for knowledge is constant and ongoing. Things that you learned at a young  age can be learned again with a deeper appreciation and meaning. 

How? How does one or can one accomplish this especially if there is end, how can feel accomplished?

My Rabbi this week shared the following idea. We have a tradition that each week we read the weekly Torah portion twice and once with a commentary. He suggested two things:
1. Each year pick a commentary that speaks to you and interests you 
2. Write down at least one idea that you could use and incorporate in your daily lives. 

I want to sort of expand and put in terms that all educators and lifelong learners can use. 

2. find something a topic or an idea that interests you ( makes the reading more enjoyable) 
3. Jot down or blog or tweet at least one takeaway from something that you read. 

Then even though ones quest and journey of learning never ends by following these steps you make the learning real practical and will be in my opinion motivated to continue on the journey. 

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  1. This post celebrates the thing I love the most about what we do in education... learning is something we challenge ourselves to do each & every day. Improve, fine tune, learning something new...

    Life is meant to be lived... and to do so we must invest anew, each and every day.

    Shalom my friend... thanks for sharing!