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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Makes You a Connected Educator

October is connected Educators month. I would consider myself a Connected Educator.

  • I am very active on Twitter 
  • I participates in Twitter chats and actually started one #jedchat 
  • I started a 30 blog day blog challenge and created a page on Facebook for others to join and share 
  • I actively blog and try to comment on blog posts
  • I have presented at conferences 
  • I have developed an amazing PLN and many of whom are actually very good friends
All of the above has made me a better educator, lifelong learner, friend, parent and spouse. I don't regret it for one second in fact I question at times where I would be without twitter and without my PLN.

However lets take a peak on the dark side. ( Again I am grateful to my PLN and my friends so this is not geared towards any individuals)

What if I wasn't as connected on line?

What if I only lurked on Twitter and blogged once in a while ?

Yes I have presented at conferences but have never given a keynote nor been able to work out a deal to publish ( yes some of that is my fault) 

 To be honest I have asked these questions 

Am I really connected and what would be different if I was a bit less connected? 

I think we need to view being connected a little differently. 

Being connected should not be measured by how many twitter followers you have, or by how many times you blog or by how many books you have published or by how many keynotes you give.

But rather how you connect with your peers and your students.

  • Do you connect so that you can learn more, or share ideas with others 
  • Do you connect so that you can grow as a educator and person 
  • Do you connect so that you can maximize your students potential 
  • When you connect do you make people feel that they matter 
I am sure there are other things we can and should measure but if you answered yes to the last set of ideas then I believe you are truly a connected educator 

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