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Friday, August 6, 2010


Coach Wooden's second block is that of enthusiasm. He says, "With few exceptions unenthusiastic leaders keep those under their charge from achieving their best."

I think the message for educators is clear. Our students take their lead from us. If we are excited about what we are teaching then our students will feed off of that.
Unfortunately I have heard a number of teachers comment the following; We are going to be learning "X" because I was told I have to teach it. How many of those students actually cared about learning "X".
It is very hard for us to motivate others when we ourselves aren't completely motivated.
I may be unique but when asked what quality I look for when I hire a teacher one that is on the top of my list is some one who enjoys what they are doing and is motivated. A person like that would be more willing to learn and grow more than perhaps a more experienced teacher.

Coach Wooden cautions about one other thing and he says which I believe is true in almost all areas of life,is that ones enthusiasm needs to be in moderation. Too much enthusiasm isn't good because a person on such a high will inevitably have lows that follow but rather a person needs to be on an even keel.

We are all excited and eager at the start of the a new school year. The question is how can we tap into that enthusiasm in the middle of January and February.
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