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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The fifth block in Coach Wooden's pyramid is that of Loyalty. Coach Wooden says " No individual or team will become great without Loyalty" . He goes further and says that it is Loyalty that moves a person from an individual to be part of a team.
If you give a person your word than you are commit ed to doing it and therefore you are no longer just acting on your own but for others as well.
Loyalty is also something we talk about when it comes to values do we stick to our values and beliefs even in difficult times.
As educators perhaps the greatest role we play is that of role models and our students see how we act and not only towards them but towards others as well.
For a moment try to think about when someone gave you their word and didn't keep it and how you felt.
As educators we need to be very careful what we say to our students and if we try to patronize them and just tell them what they want to hear and not mean then we are failing in the quality of loyalty as well as integrity.
Loyalty is also important because it defines you as a person and who you really are and students are very perceptive about people more than we give them credit for.
Therefore as I often remind my teachers you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression


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  1. I read Wooden's book They Call Me Coach and I was very impressed with his commitment to his players. I enjoyed perusing your blog.