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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Technology A Means but Not an End

Today our in-service was devoted to learning about incorporating more technology into the classroom. We leaned about using Jing, Voxi, Kerpoof, Google squared, as well as using Smart software in our classrooms more effectively.
The in-service as a whole was very informative and productive. Technology is very important in a 21st Century classroom. Technology helps with having the students more engaged and active participants in the learning process. Technology also allows us to make learning more relevant and tap into student interest.
My fear or concern is that certain teachers may see this as not only a means but and end.
What do I mean?
I have been in classrooms where the teachers use the Smartboard and Smartboard software as well as other technological tools in their classrooms but they still use assessments that test only memory as apposed to critical thinking skills. Or they use the technology but don't differentiate in other areas.
My previous post spoke about what makes a great teacher, in all the different answers that the faculty gave no one said that "using technology" is a quality needed to be a great teacher.
Rather technology is a means. Technology allows you to connect with your students,which is a quality of a great teacher. Technology allows you to differentiate and meet students needs, which again is a quality of a great teacher. Technology shows a willingness on the part of the teacher to grow as an educator, again a quality of a great teacher.
Therefore with all this talk about technology we need to remember that it is only a means to improving education but not an end


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