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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Personalizing Tech- Some Thoughts on Last Night's #Edtechbridge Chat


Last night I participated in #edtechbridge chat. The topic was using Tech in ECE ( Early Childhood Education).

I honestly didn't get it or missed something. Technology is a tool that helps with student engagement, meeting the needs of our students and learning outcomes.

Since one size doesn't  fits all, therefore technology and how its used will be different based on the grade level, subject and student needs.

I understand that ECE may be unique in that the students, as one participant commented to me last night, take naps and have other unique needs that we don't necessarily find in other grade levels.

I agree with that but by definition if technology is a tool it needs to be crafted and meet the needs of  students at any age and every grade level.

Therefore I believe technology and how it is use will be different but not only because of the age but because our goal is engage and meet  the unique needs of each student.

Would love to hear what you think


  1. I am not sure I completely understand either... technology tools are just that. They support, enhance, & differentiate the good things already happening in our classrooms.

    That being said, some tools are geared specifically to certain age groups... like many beginning reader apps... but I think many students find the tools that work best for them, no matter what age they are.

    Will be interested to hear others weigh in.

  2. Jana
    Thank you! I agree if the discussion and some of it was based on what apps to use I would understand that.
    Thanks again

  3. I think the penalty for achieving an understanding of 'technology as a TOOL to amplify practices' is to have to watch helplessly as others travel through the same developmental process we must've travel through. I hope we all make it to this side of the idea soon too!