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Wednesday, December 10, 2014



My next topic in my blog series is on Technology and Blended learning. However I would like to start with a disclaimer.

 Technology helps with having our  students more engaged and active participants in the learning process. Technology also allows us to make learning more relevant and tap into student interest.
My fear or concern is that certain teachers see technology as the be all and end all. That as long as my students are using an iPad or I use the Smarboard I am using technology in my classroom.

I have been in classrooms where the teachers use the technology but their lessons and assessments are still old school and they are only replacing paper and pencil with an iPad. That is not integrating technology or using technology as a tool to improve learning.

Rather technology is a tool! Technology allows you to differentiate and meet students needs. Technology allows us to move beyond our classroom walls.
Therefore with all this talk about technology we need to remember that it is only a tool to improving education and student learning.

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