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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Common Denominator


I have been blogging for about four years but only recently have I gotten back into it with creating two personal challenges. The first was to blog once a day for thirty days, and the second is to take different topics and write five posts on that topic. I have now written over 200 blog posts and this is my last in the series on Creativity and Innovation.

For those of you familiar with my blog you will notice so  common themes and ideas. Some of these ideas include:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Inclusion
  • Creativity
  • Growth Mindset
  • Innovation 
  • Taking Risk and be willing to fail 
  • Meeting the needs of the diverse student population 
So is there a common thread or idea between many of these ideas, or is there some type of common denominator 

To be honest I think creativity and innovation is that common idea or theme. 

Creativity and Innovation are areas that require one to move out of their comfort zone and require one to be willing to take risks and fail. All of which requires that one posses a growth mindset and realize that one can grow and change. 

I have mentioned a number of times that we need to view creativity and innovation not just as add ons or when we have time but need to be incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. Creativity and Innovation are more than just the Arts but I think looking at  a STEAM approach is a good place to starts. 

This approach lends itself to more open ended projects with multi outcomes ( differentiated approach) and allows those students who don't excel in a standard academic  classroom may have a chance to excel in the area of the arts or in a more creative classroom. 

There are no silver bullets. Differentiation, Creativity, and Innovation aren't easy  nor are they the only answers. However if we are looking at the whole picture and we are looking at educating the whole child, one who is both academic and culturally diverse, how can we afford not to try to be more creative and innovative. 

One last thought. While this may scary and overwhelming to us as teachers this comes very naturally to kids. My proof is weak into any Early childhood class and see how creative that are and watch the following Caine's Arcade which illustrated a students natural ability to be creative. 

(PS A possible added benefit of us as teachers being more creative is that we give up control and learn something from our students. Just saying how great that would be ) 

1 comment:

  1. I love the shout out to Caine's arcade Akevy.... Caine & his unbounded enthusiasm, imagination, & creativity are inspiration to almost anyone who watches.

    I have shown this video to kids throughout my years, mostly the same age group as Caine, & it is exciting to watch them & feel empowered by what he has created.

    I also have had a very interesting discussion with a higher ed academic scholar, who was none too impressed & doubted the authenticity of the experience as one that could be replicated.

    What Caine & his cardboard arcade has taught me personally is that the only limits are those that we impose on ourselves.

    Thanks for such great posts & even better conversations that come from our sharing & learning.