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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Developing and Growing

So here is today's prompt/ question from TeachThought

"What is one area of my learning and teaching I want to develop this year?" 

So I am no longer teacher but as a professed lifelong learner I am always learning something. 

My passion is in meeting students needs given our diverse student population and using technology, creativity and the arts to help meet those needs. So I am always looking for good material about those subjects. 

I also have a passion towards leadership and like to read books about on that subject as well 

Just to give a sense of what I am talking about here are two pictures from my kindle on my iPad 

These were taken in August I have updated it a bit since then 

On a more personal note I would like to develop my writing skills so that I can make this dream of publishing a book a reality and work on my marketing skills and web design so that my  consulting business can take off in a real way. 


  1. Impressive library! I managed to read one book for pleasure over break. Hoping to finish second one today!

  2. Thanks
    I also read for pleasure I like James Patterson Brad Thor Brad Taylor to name a few

  3. Hi Akevy.. that is A LOT of books... I try to read but other things get in my way. I am on 16 weeks Study leave 2015 to complete my Post Grad. Dip. Ed. so will be doing a bit of reading for these 2 papers over the year. Am looking forward to HAVING to read!