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Friday, January 2, 2015



Today's prompt for the TeachThought blog challenge  is 'What is unique about teaching style?'

Honestly for me this is a hard one.  I am not sure I would consider myself unique or that I do anything special.

However I will share with you certain qualities that I have that I think are important for all educators.

By no means is this a list of all my qualities ( LOL) and by no means are these the only qualities

  •  A Lifelong Learner 
  • Having a growth mindset 
  • Willing to embrace and accept change 
  • A people person 
  • Someone who smiles
  • Being a team player and willing to collaborate 
  • Kind and cares about others 
  • Trustworthy
There are other qualities that I have that are honestly both positive and can be negative as well 

  • Seeing the big picture - Taking the "balcony view" . While this is important at times some of the little details get over looked and people sometimes need you to focus on the details. 
  • Wearing my emotions on my sleeve- I tend to be very passionate and sometimes emotional about things I care about. While a great quality at times you need to be more reserve and keep things a bit closer to the chest. I probably wouldn't make a very good poker player. 
However as my friend Angela Maiers  "YOU MATTER" and she is so right we all matter. We have unique qualities both positive and some we need to work on and that is what makes us unique.

We need to remember that about our students as well. "ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL". Each student brings his or her unique qualities to the classroom and each adds a certain dimension to the class. As I have often told my own students you can't have a team of all "insert your favorite sports star" 

So in reality we are ALL UNIQUE and THAT'S A GOOD THING! 


  1. Yep, it's best we capitalize on our strengths and appreciate what makes others shine in their own way!

  2. I think that too often we look to what makes us the same... we try to fit into a one-size-fits-all way of being in this world. We see how it works for colleagues and can be successful for others.

    The last thing I want in this day & age is to be the same... it has taken me so long to embrace and celebrate my uniqueness. I am in no hurry to reshape myself into what works for someone else.

    Thank you Akevy for sharing that we 'matter' because we are uniquely ourselves.

  3. Michelle and Jana,
    Thanking you for sharing your thoughts.
    I think what makes teaching some special or at least one of the things is that we bring together students /individuals with different skills and talents and we incorporate that into a classroom. When that happens there is nothing better
    Thanks again