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Friday, January 23, 2015


Below is a Presentation I gave on meeting the needs of Diverse Learners. Today more and more we are faced with a diverse student body and we as educators need to make sure we meet the needs of all of our students so that they are engaged in the learning process.
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  1. I remember keying in on the phrase 'teaching people and not subjects' when I read through your presentation. To me so many of our initiatives in education can be handled this way: cultural sensitivity, differentiation, special education. The cruelest trick is the one we play on our pre-service teachers drilling into them the content knowledge, but not allowing them to work even more than they already do in classrooms - that is the most vulnerable group of professionals which need to live what this phrase means the most.
    Nice post Akevy!

  2. Thank you Penny!

    Yes I agree and I think that making those personal connections and realizing that we are in the people business is so important.
    Thanks for your comment