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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Today's prompt is about TED TALKS

Well I can't limit it to one Sorry!

The other day I shared a TED Talk about WHY so I won't be sharing that one again.

Here is Carol Dweck's on Mindset. Enough said

Another must watch is Sir Ken Robinson. Today we need to see creativity as an essential part of our curriculum the same way we once thought about Reading and Writing. Here is his play list

A TED playlist to watch: Ken Robinson: 10 talks on education

I couldn't  put together a list of TED Talks without Angela Maiers  on  "You Matter" - What a powerful message  

This is a great way to end. This is just very inspirational

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  1. Okay, too funny! You have both Carol Dweck and Rita Pearson, which I also have, but have you viewed the third one which is on my list? If you had, he would've made your short list too! Scheduled to post after 5PM today.....