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Friday, January 9, 2015

Facing Challenges by Looking Ahead

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Below you will find two posts which I wrote about a year ago. Just to give newer readers some context. I resigned for personal reason as a Head of School in August of 2013. I have been looking for a job and at the same time trying to build my consulting business Star Educational Consulting. Both have been challenging. These posts were written when honestly I was in a different place. I am still faced with the same challenges but through my own Blog challenge, this TeachThought challenge and many  friends I have renewed confidence and hope. I still have my bad days and a lot of stress  but overall things are better. These were and are my challenges and these posts reflect a little bit how I faced and am facing them.

Post #1

It has been a while since I posted something on my blog. The last few months have been difficult for me and my family and I didn't have the drive and honestly desire to blog. I got into a rut and was (truthful still am) feeling a bit sorry for myself. I have looked on websites, sent out tweets, made proposal submitted resumes and I still find myself without a job.
Perhaps finally writing about it will give me the energy to move forward and start looking towards the future. I know G-D has a plan and that I didn't devote my life to education (mainly Jewish Education) to stop now.
I have created a short check list to help me and maybe others move forward during this difficult time. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well.

Short Term

  • Do something productive/ constructive daily
  • Share thoughts and ideas, at least 3 times week via blog, twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Keep up on the latest ideas in Education by reading blogs, books and tweets each day
  • Continue looking for a  job and promoting my own consulting business and website at
A bit harder 
Stay positive and focus on the future not the past

Long term goal 
Come with an idea and start writing a book of my own

There is no silver bullet and I know this is all easier said than done, but I am hoping as we enter 2014 I too can now look forward to a brighter and better future. 

I would like to thank my family and friends, which includes my PLN for their  constant support and help 

Here's to a brighter and better future 

Post #2

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have been in a rut and honestly, I think I lost some of my focus and motivation. I just finished reading "Causes and Cures in the Classroom" by Margaret Searle.

The book ends with the following; "The dream most of us went into teaching with was to make a significant difference for our students. The way to do that has nothing to do with quick fixes or canned programs. It has to do with teachers who genuinely care and are always looking for better ways to help students help themselves." 

This really spoke to me both about education and about life. Too often we get caught up with what is the latest trend or am I using the most cutting edge tools and technology available. While that is important and we need to be current we can't lose focus on what really counts and why we are educators.
At the end of the day the bottom line as Margaret and others have said is that we need to show students that we care about and as my friend Angela Maiers says we need to show them that they MATTER

I would say that  "Not Losing Focus" is one of those things that is easier said than done and perhaps as I outlined in yesterday's post "Moving Forward" we need to create a checklist.
These ideas are noting new and many of them, I have gleaned from all of you.

  • Making SMART goals
  • Showing our students and others that We care and that "You Matter"
  • Applaud the Effort 
  • Don't label, but rather guide and support
  • Do something positive every day 
  • Take time for yourself 
The list can go on. Please add your own thoughts 


  1. I think we can all relate to this at some/many point(s) in our lives. I am glad you knew that you needed to push through! Only those who don't know to push forward are ever lost.
    I also keyed in on the idea of writing a book. That is an idea I hold also; but for me I wonder if it is a *legacy* idea, like the way I prefer to make annotation on paper versus a screen for certain purposes. If I have a collection of published blog posts aren't these what I would say in a book? I struggle with how to reconcile what I am putting out there via my blog to what I would put out the via a book. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. I had the same idea that to take my blog and create a book. Recently I actually stated putting some ideas together for my book. I will PM you I think there is a lot here to talk about.
    Thanks for your comment

  3. I think that often we are lost when it comes how to move our thinking and learning forward...

    I find that as an educator, the most obvious course of action is to take on a school admin role, that the only way to model leadership is through becoming an admin, or someone who is in charge of the school, and ultimately the learning.

    More and more I have come to know that there are many way to be a leader, and writing and sharing your thinking is one of the most powerful models in the teaching and learning.

    I think that for developing a collection of your best blog posts, to writing dissertations & papers, to crafting and compiling a book... all of these are worthy endeavours.

    I look forward to walking along this journey with you... pass along any notes you might like to have me take a look at as you begin your writing adventures... that is some of the most amazing work to be a part of!