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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Digital Learning


I wrote a post a while ago that one of the great things about Twitter is that it is Professional Learning 24/7 for me 24/6). However, if I had to pinpoint a key learning experience I would say the Twitter chats are one of the most powerful tools for learning. The downside it that there are so many and they can be very overwhelming.

I used to participate in a lot of chats. To name some:

Recently I have found it hard to participate in so many chats. Some of the chats mentioned above I no longer participate in, but as the prompt suggest I will try to be more involved.

Last night I lurked around #COLchat #hcsce and #edtechchat and I hope to start participating in the TeachThought chat.

One of the issues is that the early evening between 6-8 isn't always such a great time for me but I will try.

Another area of my digital learning that is important is my Zite feed. It keeps me up to date on certain articles and with Zite it is easy to share and post.

I have also renewed my blogging efforts and trying to comment on blog posts written by others is another area I hope to work on with regard to my digital learning.

Finally an area that is new to my digital learning has been Facebook and Facebook groups. At first Twitter was more for professional learning and Facebook was more social however lately there are more and more posts on FB and FB groups that it has truly expanded my digital learning.

Digital learning  is such an important part of being a lifelong  and connected educator.

Please comment and share your ideas


  1. Thank you for the insight! I am actually embarrassed to admit that I have NEVER participated in an online Twitter chat! I just haven't really got the hang of Twitter, but I would actually like to this year.

    I haven't heard of Zite, but I love using Flipboard to stay updated on articles, news and design. There is so much content out there now that I often feel overwhelmed. Because I can get lost for hours on these sites, I have been trying to go to each account with a purpose in mind. Whether it's to catch up on a specific topic, read about the latest trends in design and technology, or learn something new. Going at these sites with a purpose does help, but BOY is it hard not to get side-tracked!

    I could definitely use some help creating a purposeful plan when it comes to social media.

    Thank you again!
    The 3AM Teacher

  2. Than you for your comment. Yes it can overwhelming and rewarding. it is also a sign of the times the amount of information we have access to. Imagine how our children and students feel.
    I would love to help you lets chat about it

  3. It is true that the pinnacle of twitter professional learning is the twitter chat for me as well. While it might seem daunting to dedicate an entire hour or keep up with multiple questions in a twitter chat may I suggest an alternate chat? #BFC530 "The Breakfast Club" happens at 5:30 AM E and M time and has only ONE question and is endlessly positive. If you aren't sure if it is worth getting up that early check out their hashtag, storify, or their twitter account at least. :)