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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Game Changers


Well at first glance this is a no brainier The biggest game changer is TECHNOLOGY and all that it has brought no only to education but to our global society.

I then ask myself what must of have been going on when the printing press was invented and there was now paper and pencils and books to read. That must have been a real game changer.

What will be in 20 -30 years what new advances and new gadgets will be the game changer of the times.

Is technology itself a game changer or is just the advancement of time? For sure its a game changer but I think there may be a bigger one.

How many still use technology but teach like we are still in the 19th century?

How many use a smart board as a glorified projector to show videos?

To me the bigger question which leads me to my game changer is what do we do with the technology?

Therefore to me the biggest changer has been Science both Physical science and the Social sciences

Today with the advancement of Science and Brian research  and especially with regard to brain elasticity, new doors have opened up and this has  been a real game changer.

The idea of a Growth Mindset and the ability to change and grow has been another important area that has changed  the way we view learning

Finally the research into learning disabilities has also opened up new avenues and approaches.

So the bigger question and perhaps the bigger changer is OK I have technology now what?

Do I believe that  I and my students can learn and grow, and how will that effect my own learning and that of my students

What has the research on diversity taught me and how can I bring that into my classroom.

I am sure there are others

Maybe Technology has been and is the biggest game changing tool while science has been the biggest game changer with regard to pedagogy and how we view learning and the ability to learn. 

Just my thoughts

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