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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Grading Scale That Reflects Effort

This post is some what of a follow up to my post yesterday on effort. 

Editors Note: I have not really looked at this post in almost four years a lot may have changed but I think the idea is still important. 

Originally posted in November 2010 

I have yet to understand what an “A” means or a 99 if you give a number. Does that mean that you don’t need to learn anymore? Or as I tweeted earlier this week “we grade our meat but we should teach our students.” 

Therefore I would like to propose a different type of grading scale. 

Editors Note: I know it may not be realistic given parent perception and the way colleges work but we need to stop defining our students based on grades. 

There are two scales and each student gets a letter and a number 

E- Excels and exceeds grade level benchmarks
G- Meets grade level benchmarks 
A- Approaches grade level benchmarks 
B- Is working below grade level 

1- Is an enthusiastic learner and works out of his comfort zone
2- Has shown academic growth
3- Is willing to try and has started to make progress
4- Hasn’t shown any growth and only does what he needs to do 

When using this system a student who is naturally smart but doesn’t do anything more could get a G-4 or an E-4 but a student who is not doing well academically but shows growth will receive a grade that reflects that. 

I applaud schools that have a similar system. I would love for you to share what you are doing. 

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