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Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Today will be my last post until Sunday. Tomorrow begins Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which leads into the Sabbath. I will be unplugging from sundown tomorrow until Saturday night. It will also end my streak of blogging for 67 straight days.
So I find it interesting that as this streak comes to a temporary end ( I will continue to blog on Sunday) it also marks the beginning of the Jewish Year and a time for reflection as well as hope for the new year.

Perhaps there is a deeper message in this coincidence. Perhaps as we go through life certain things end; relationships, friendships, jobs, and sometimes lives. Life is also full of new beginnings; new friendships, relationships, new careers, and new lives.

So I will never be able to blog for 100 days straight but that's OK.  And during this past year certain things in my life did come to and end. Some of those things were good and some not so good, but I have had a lot of great beginnings.

  • Started blogging more  
  • Started a Blog challenge 
  • Increased my PLN in a more meaningful way
  • Made new friends for life
  • Worked on kicking off my consulting business 
  • Created a newsletter as part of my consulting business
  • Spent more quality time with my family 
I have a lot to thankful for as we end this year. My family is healthy, my daughters have turned into some amazing young women whom I am so proud of, and I have good friends who are hoping and praying I succeed. 

I definitely still have a lot to pray for; continued health, a job, peace and security in Israel and throughout the world. 

So as we face endings and new beginnings, I pray that the new year brings health peace and prosperity to all. 

Wishing everyone a Shana Tova
A Happy and Healthy New Year 


  1. Akevy...

    Thank you for writing so honestly about the beginning & ends you have experienced this year. I know that while some of them were difficult at times, I always appreciate your positivity in seeing the good that can come from even the toughest situations.

    I am glad that we connected this summer... the blogging challenge has been on my mind for some time... it was the perfect opportunity to connect & grow as learners. The experience changed who I am... and I know that there are many good things that will continue to come my way.

    As you begin to celebrate a new year... I leave you with a challenge. Take the time as you look in the rearview mirror what you are wanting to take forward with you on your journey... from there? Create a Mantra that you can draw from, look back on, and that will be your guide as you are led in new directions.

    I am part to: "Make this year the best one yet..."

    Happy New Year my friend!

  2. Jana thank you
    As I do look back and reflect i am even more grateful to my PLN and my friends. I think the blog challenge was great and I am glad we connected and continue to connect and learn. Life and learning is a journey so as I reflect and grateful for what has been accomplished I am looking forward and ready for new beginnings
    Thank you for being part of my journey