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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Rosh Hashanah Message

Originally posted Sept 2010

A New Year's Resolution- My Personal Oath as an Educator

A while ago I was reading a blog post from Mr. Rice entitled “My Educator's Oath" he ends his blog with the following "I challenge each of you to write your own educator’s oath. Forever consider it to be a work in progress. Revise it often. Throw it away and start over. As you evolve, it should too."

Therefore as tonight is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New, I thought it would be appropriate for me to make my New Year’s resolution today in the form of “My Personal Oath as an Educator”. 

(Please note that the list is no particular order of importance since I believe that each point is important)

As an Educator I promise that I will:
1. Develop a close relationship with my students. I will know my students strengths and weaknesses and I will meet the needs of my students to the best of my ability and help each one realize and maximize his/her potential 
2. I will love my students and treat each one fairly. Fairly but not necessarily equally. (I once heard a lecture on the concept of fair but not equal.) 
3. I will have a student centered classroom that engages students and pushes them to think and question. 
4. I will incorporate technology in my classroom to help engage them and bring the learning we do to life. 
5. My classroom will be a safe place for students to learn and students will feel comfortable taking risks. Failure will be seen as a learning opportunity and not as a cause to be down on one's self
6. I will incorporate 21st Century skills and Differentiated instruction to meet the needs of more of my students
7. I will act as role model for my students and that my students will learn that I don’t know everything and it is OK to make mistakes and ask for help. 
8. I will commit myself to always be growing and constantly learning 
9. I will develop a PLN to help me grow. 
10. I will be flexible and be willing to change and grow. I will also be flexible in my teaching approach knowing that at times I may need to change my lesson based on my students’ readiness.  
As Mr. Rice` said I will be flexible in knowing that this oath will need to change as I grow and change. 

As I enter into the days of Awe on the Jewish calendar I hope that I am able to fulfill my oath and that G-D gives me the strength, wisdom, and insight to continue to have a positive effect on the lives of the children that I teach. 


  1. Akevy...

    I first of all want to start by saying a premature "Happy New Year" & hope that this year is the best one yet:)

    Making commitments, resolutions, pacts, and oaths are an important of goal setting & self-improvement. I too strive to make each year better than the last, work towards feeling more fulfilled, finding balance etc...

    I offer you this... try to find a mantra, a quote, a saying , a belief that can act as your guide for the rest of the year...that will help to guide you through the tough stuff & provide an opportunity to celebrate your successes.

    I am partial to 'best one yet' myself.

  2. Jana thanks
    I do need to come up with one. I think its a great idea to have a mantra theme etc

    " Its all good"