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Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Two Cents on Creativity

Picture: 21st century learning on Pinterest

I have written about the importance of creativity. I have also seen over the last few days a number of articles about creativity.  I ask myself as well as you the following questions?
Why some many articles about how to be creative? 
Isn't creativity natural?
Walk into any preschool class and without much teacher direction and probably with very little thought to what they are doing the students are very creative. 
Look at the phenomenon created by Caine's Arcade again something done on his own outside of school. 

Therefore here is my two cents on creativity:

1. It's natural and as I mentioned yesterday we need to give students more autonomy over what they are doing in school. 

2. Get out of the way often teachers tend to get in the way of creativity. What we need to be doing is cultivating planting the seeds and watering the ground so that the creativity happens on its own. 

Basically as long as we don't mess things up most kids are creativity each in his or her own way. 


  1. I completely agree Akevy...

    For me personally, I never remember a time where I felt I could be truly creative in school. We might have had choice, but ultimately, as always, a template to follow. I think without even realizing it, I forgot how to be creative in my learning... so sad, but very true.

    For me technology is what became a game changer for me. I could create & make without fear of failure. Blogging has become the one way that I celebrate being creative on a very consistent basis.

    I watch kids in classrooms... they are sometimes scared to really put it out there... fear of failure. We need our kids to see creativity as part of risk taking & expressing who they are...

    I feel a blog post coming on...:)

    1. Jana
      Thanks totally agree. And yes creativity is breaking the mold which requires risk and the ability to fail.