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Monday, September 15, 2014

Lessons I Learned from My GPS


Today I spent the majority of the day in he car going from one place to the next. I sort of knew where I was going but I didn't worry because I had my smart phone with my GPS apps. Someone even said do you know where you are going and I said not really but I have my GPS. Well as fate would have it just as I really needed the GPS  it timed out couldn't reach the server. I was in trouble ! Well I kept on trying to refresh it actually my wife who was with me tried since I was driving and I tried to get a sense of my surroundings so I could figure out where I needed to go. Eventually the GPS came back to life. I used it twice more today and things were better.
Why am I telling you this random story? Good question. From this experience I learned some value lessons.
1 I should always have a backup plan just in case something goes wrong
2 Just because something didn't work once doesn't mean  you should give up
3 Even though  at times the journey, and how you get there is important the goal was for me to get there

OK great but so what?

Well I think these ideas can be applied to some peoples reluctance to use technology.

1. It is not always going to work and part of being a good teacher is preparing for the unexpected. If you have a lesson based on technology and it doesn't work you need to have a backup plan.

2. Technology will fail! That doesn't mean that we give up on it after a few tries.

3. The most important lesson is that; Technology is the tool the goal is the pedagogy and what  life long lesson you want to instill.  If the technology doesn't work doesn't mean you give up on the goal, you may need to use a different tool.

"Pedagogy is the driver,technology is the accelerator and passion is the gas! #edtechchat "

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