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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Growth Requires Effort

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of adjusting and assessing what you are doing. In other words,one needs to be willing to change and thereby grow. I know personally I have grown from the blog challenge I lost count of how many days in a row,I have blogged but I think it's close to 50.

You can't talk about growth without talking about a growth mindset. I recently RT the following:

@Akevy613: RT @anobleSPPS: Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset. #edchat #edtech #sunchat

Here is the picture the accompanied that tweet 

think the picture says it all. I think it is clear that we all need to have a growth mindset and more importantly, we need to instill that in our students. 
I do want to focus on one thing. This isn't the place to discuss grades,which I feel very strongly about. Not in a positive way I don't think a letter or a number mean anything and I would like to get rid of them. I think most teachers will tell you that, of course, students need to have a growth mindset, but how many of them reward effort how many of them instill a culture that effort means something and that it's ok to fail. 

So as we look towards our own personal growth and the growth of our students this year lets remember that effort counts and the path we take means something. 

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