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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anything is Possible

This weekend we went back to Memphis for the Bar Mitzvah of a former student. Over the years I have become close to the Bar Mitzvah boy, his siblings and family. That was part of the reason I came back. The other was to see the Bar Mitzvah get up there say the Haftorah ( read from the prophets) and speak. That was no easy feat. This particular individual has had to deal with multiple social emotional and academic issues. The theme of the Bar Mitzvah speeches was that with the drive and motivation anything is possible. Seeing him overcome those challenges was truly something special. 

I think seeing what he a 13 year old boy accomplished when he could have easily given up gave me the motivation and strength to continue to push and keep motivated as I continue to face my own struggles. 

As a teacher I told my kids the two words that I never wanted to hear was I Can't 

This weekend re-enforced that idea. 


  1. Self-doubt is a powerful force in our lives, it makes us feel so off kilter sometimes we don't know how to move forward...

    There was a moment when I thought I might not be able to follow through with the #30dayblogchallenge , just like my thesis, just like... well, I suspect the list could go on & on. Just as easily as our students, adult learners can find themselves in a similar boat.

    I love the idea of using 'I can' as a year long motto in our classrooms & learning communities. It empowers & inspires...

    I will be using it quite regularly as things start to get busy & complicated.

    Thanks for the reminder:)

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Seeing him accomplish what he did this past weekend is one of those times that you realize why you became a teacher
    That I can attitude is very powerful