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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Keeping It Simple

I am sitting here in my hotel room on my way to Memphis for the weekend. I am wriitting this on the blogger app on my ipad something I have only done once or twice. I dont know how to hyper link names or articles so for the next few days I will be keeping it simple. 
However that got me thinking. Sometimes the more complicated or fancy we get the more difficult things become while the simpler things are they are often less complicated and more effective. 
For example classroom rules. Some teachers like having a lot of rules and a whole intricate system of how he or she runs their classroom. I have found  more often than not this becomes impossible for two main reasons. First of all the kids tend to forget all the details and secondly it leaves a lot of room for "exceptions to the rule" and tends to be more complicated. I know many teachers that have 5 rules and some only have one "BE RESPECTFUL" and in reality that often works much better. 

Another goal/ dream of mine has been to write a book. However I have asked myself what can I add to the 100's of books out there and I dont have the time to do the research necessary. 

So coming off my 30 day blog challenge I think I will take my own advice and keep it simple and my next "challenge" will be to write a book. I have a tilte "Simple Thoughts from a Lifelong Learrner" . Now two more important things. I need to write it and secondly  find someone to publish it. I could use some help with the later. 

So here is to keeping things simple!


  1. How powerful Akevy!

    In a world we constantly work at making more work for ourselves... keeping it simple allows us to get back to our roots... and the things that matter.

    What a wonderful title for a book... I look forward to hearing more! Enjoy your time away... time to recharge, relax, & renew:)

    And 'Happy Birthday' my friend!