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Friday, August 8, 2014

One Never Knows

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Recently, many people have blogged and posted about the importance of the little things teachers do and the impact teachers have on their students. One of my more controversial posts a number of years ago was when I  blogged that a teacher's job is 24/7  (I may share that for Saturday's blog). While I don't mean it literally I do think it is important for teachers to have a connection with their students beyond the classroom and take an interest in who they are.

I was in the emergency room last night with my daughter, thank G-d all is OK. While sitting in the hallway waiting for a room there were a number of people not much older than my daughter brought in with a police escort and one in cuffs. This was not in a big inner city like Baltimore but a small town about an hour away. While I am  not naive that these things exist seeing up close was a bit shocking. At the same time I don't believe anyone can fix all the problems, at the same time it made me realize for many kids school and teachers are a place that needs to provide them the love and caring environment that so many are lacking.
I would like to think that many us became educators for the impact we can have on others.

I first got a Facebook to connect with people from the different places we lived. I also was able to connect with students. One student reached out to me to tell me he always remembers coming to my house for a Sabbath meal and that made an impression on him. It wasn't any of the subjects I taught, but rather the personal connection I made with him that had a lasting impression.

Let us remember at times it is the small things that at times have the biggest impact

Here is a an article Why Teachers Matter

Here  is an amazing video just to drive home the point

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