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Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's Your Destination

As a Rabbi over the years I would be asked to speak at Bar and Bat Mizvah celebrations. As young Jewish boys and girls began their journey into adulthood I often used a GPS as an anology for the journey they are about to embark on. 

As amazing as an GPS is,and I don't know anyone today that doesn't have one,most smart phones come with it you need to know your destination for  it to work. 

My question today is What is your destination? Where do you want to get to ? 
What is the end game ? 

In life I believe there can be more than one destination 

Once you have a destination there are many types of "GPS" devices that one could use to help you get there. 

Here are some of my destinations 

My religion and fath ,how to improve in those areas and becoming a better person 

My friends and family 

My career 

For each destination I have different mentors and guides to help me. 

Whether it is in your classroom, what you want for your students and for your own professional or personal growth you need to know what your destination is and then the GPS of life can help you get there. 

Please share your destination 



  1. Love this post Akevy!

    I tried to leave a comment & it seems to have gotten lost... not sure I can replicate my response... here goes:)

    I think it is critical we share our final destinations with a larger audience... it becomes a commitment we make and it is as important as the destination.

    I am making a commitment to my thesis & defence this fall. To continue to grow as an educator, a teacher & a learner, and share my journey along the way. I am excited to continue to foster great personal & professional relationships. And I am making a commitment to go outside my comfort zone a little more often:)

    My fuel along this journey? Leave the world just a little bit better than how you found it seems fitting.

    Thanks again for the encouragement!

    1. Thank you for sharing
      Yes I think both in our lives, and in the classroom, we need to share and let people know what the end game is, what's our final destination
      Transparency is very important as well

  2. I think it is important to remember that there isn't just one destination. And sometimes when I am on one journey, I find people to help me on a different one. Of course I want to grow as a teacher this year but I also want to take more adventures and feel more passionate about life! I think it will push me in the classroom. It all goes hand in hand.

    1. Very true
      Often one journey or destination leads to another
      Thanks for sharing