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Sunday, August 3, 2014



I write this post more as a personal message and a reminder to myself, but I invite you to read and listen as well.

Almost everything we have today is constantly changing and moving forward. I have written often about the importance of a growth mindset and that we all have the ability to change and grow.
This is especially an important message for me as I still struggle navigating the uncharted waters which I have found myself in during the past year.
I saw this quote:

I am also reminded of the following story. A number of years ago I was at a wedding in Chicago. I was seated at the “Rabbis” table. The rabbinate and Jewish education tend to be transient and we were sharing some of our stories. One of the senior Rabbis was saying how many years ago, he was the Rabbi of then a small synagogue in Brooklyn, NY and for whatever reasons at the time decided to accept a position in Chicago. Today that synagogue in NY is one of the largest. Another Rabbi at the table asked do you have any regrets and look back on what could have been. Without missing a beat the senior rabbi said the following which has stuck with me all these years. He said, We see in the bible one person looked back and that was Lot’s wife and we see what happened to her she turned into a pillar of salt. He added I never look back.

I would like to add to his example that when one looks back it prevents us from moving forward and rather than growing we become stuck like a pillar.

I hope that as I embark on these new uncharted waters I will continue to grow and move forward and not look back (Perhaps easier said than done) 


  1. I really enjoyed this quote Akevy...

    It speaks to how so many of us feel in the face of change. For me I think I struggle with wanting to choose what growth looks like, rather than accepting how growth wants me to change.

    I am glad to be on this journey with you as we blog, reflect, and grow as teachers, individuals, and most especially as learners.

    Here is to another few weeks charting the adventure:)

  2. I struggle with the idea of regret. I feel like our society is full of too many options. I know, in theory, that doesn't sound like a bad thing but for me it makes it challenging to feel confident about any decision I make. I can always "see" how it could have turned out and then I don't fully embrace the life I am living RIGHT NOW. I think it's time we give ourselves a break and just know we are doing the best we can. Onward and outward!