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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


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I wrote a post a while ago that one of the great things about Twitter is that it is Professional Learning 24/7 ( for me 24/6). However, if I had to pinpoint a key learning experience I would say the Twitter chats are one of the most powerful tools for learning. The downside it that there are so many and they can be very overwhelming to someone new on twitter.

There are smaller ones and even in the larger chats I would say lurk and follow one or two people during the chats its an amazing experience.

I used to participate in a lot more chats to name some:

I even founded a chat with a few friends #jedchat- A chat for Jewish educators.

I understand the need to have many different chats,but at the same time we can all learn from each other. So I invite you all to join tonight's #JEDCHAT at 10pm ET as we discuss new ideas for the school year all are welcome to attend and share.

My hope is to once again become more active in the other chats mentioned

As if that wasn't enough I would like to start two other chats.
One a monthly chat related to the blog challenge I created for people to share and be inspired. Not sure if one exists and looking for a time and a good name
The second is a chat related to meeting the needs of more of our students through technology and differentiation Again, not sure one exists and open to a name and time

Please comment and share your ideas

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