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Monday, August 18, 2014

So What's Next

By the time I post this it will bee after midnight on the East Coast and day 30 of my 30 day blog challenge. Before I started this challenge which began after listening to a principal cast I hardly blogged regularly anymore and I felt bad about it. So I started this challenge to motivate myself. I sent out a tweet and mentioned something on Facebook and Jena Sherry replied and I her challenged her to join. Now we have about 5-6 people blogging some others lurking but we are all learning. 
So what's next ?
Well let me  first say thank you to all those that joined and have made this fun for me and a real learning experience. I have also increased my PLN and have made some great new friends 
Most importantly I got back into blogging. 
So the hour is late and I won't mention you all but I am grateful for our blog challenge group. 

So now what's next ?
Well I am not stopping maybe not every day and maybe not twice on Friday and definitely not on Jewish holiday but without the fanfare I hope to continue blogging daily. 
I will keep up the 30 day blog challenge page and will continue to post and tweet peoples blog 
I want to encourage others to join. It is a personal challenge and I and the others are here to encourage and help you. I would like to see people from other areas not just education join the challenge as well. 
Perhaps my next challenge will be to comment on at least one blog a day but no promises yet. 
Well it's 11:59 and I am about to hit send. 
This is not the end but rather just starting 
Thank you 

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