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Friday, August 29, 2014

Leaving Your Footprints


A number of years ago I read the book " Angels don't leave footprints: Discovering what's right with yourself" by Rabbi Abraham J Twerski MD

The idea is that Angels have no free choice and can't grow and therefore don't leave their mark. However,we as humans who have free choice and the ability to change can and do leave our mark and we leave our footprints

At one point in my career, I wrote a yearbook message to  the graduates and used this idea as the premise of my message.

Today, however, as many of us are beginning the new school year I think we should think about what footprint to do we as teachers and educators want to leave and what footprint do we want our students to leave.

I would be interesting in hearing your thoughts. Look forward to reading your comments and thoughts.

As an aside, I do want to point out that whether we want to or not we leave a footprint. If we blog, send an email,  have a website those our footprints. Lets make sure the footprints we leave are ones, the others would want to follow

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